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Families meeting the challenge of mental illness.

Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church.Congregational Outreach

NAMI Mercer has outreach and education activities appropriate for congregations of all major faiths in our county.

We seek partnerships with congregations in providing support, care, information, and advocacy to improve the lives of all who are affected by mental illness.

Faith and spirituality facilitate healing and recovery for people who suffer from any serious medical illnesses, including mental illness. Sixty percent of people in emotional distress turn first to their clergy for help and counseling. Nevertheless, many clergy feel ill-equipped to provide appropriate support and referral information to persons and families living with mental illness.

Education about mental illness is a key factor in replacing ignorance and fear with compassion and understanding. Congregations that are informed can offer the caring, understanding, and support that promotes healing and recovery.

Church mosaic.

FaithNet NAMI  is a network of individuals and congregations with resources and educational materials on forming caring congregations. NAMI FaithNet is not a religious network but rather an outreach initiative to all religious organizations. It has had significant success in doing so because all major religions emphasize giving care and showing compassion to those in need. See www.nami.org/faithnet.

Mental Health Ministries  produces high-quality resources that reduce the stigma of mental illness in our faith communities. Resources are downloadable and free. See www.mentalhealthministries.net.

Pathways to Promise, an interfaith technical assistance and resource center, offers liturgical and educational materials and program models to promote caring ministries. See www.pathways2promise.org.

Reverend Harris.

“Just as we may have never thought we would have an African American president, we have thought we could not talk about mental illness in our community.

But now it’s a new day, and we can talk about mental illness and recovery, even here in church.”

~~ Reverend Dr. John H. Harris, Jr., Pastor Galilee Baptist Church, Trenton

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Families Meeting the Challenge of Mental Illness