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Families meeting the challenge of mental illness.

Parents and Teachers as Allies

Parents and teachers as allies.NAMI Mercer is delighted to offer Parents and Teachers as Allies, a new NAMI National education program that focuses on helping school professionals and parents better understand the early warning signs of mental illnesses in children and adolescents and how best to link families to appropriate services.

The presentation team includes a facilitator, an education professional (who is a family member), a mental health consumer, and a parent or caregiver of a child diagnosed with a mental illness. This panel is qualified and ready to present the two-hour Parents and Teachers as Allies class to teacher and parent groups in Mercer County.

NAMI Mercer wants to reach all area schools and parent groups. Please contact NAMI Mercer directly at 609-799-8994 to inquire about these free programs.


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Families Meeting the Challenge of Mental Illness