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Families meeting the challenge of mental illness.

Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)

Counselling.NAMI Mercer and Oaks Integrated Care (OIC) collaborate to provide professional Intensive Family Support Services to help families with adult family members with mental illness.

All NAMI Mercer and IFSS programs are offered free of charge.

With IFSS intervention, families learn to:

  • Increase their self determination and confidence
  • Gain a better understanding of diagnoses and treatment
  • Develop and implement concrete illness management plans
  • Enhance communication patterns and decrease stress and stimulation
  • Develop appropriate support systems
  • Reduce personal and social isolation
  • Access available services and resources
  • Advance the rights and protections of people with mental illness.

IFSS services include:

  • IFSS Family Support Groups

Professional IFSS staff members lead Family Support Groups for family members of adults with mental illness. For schedule of group meetings, please see our Events Schedule.

  • IFSS Family Consultations and Counseling

Family members may contact IFSS to schedule a telephone or in-person meeting. IFSS staff meets with families in their homes or other comfortable settings. Some meetings take place at the NAMI Mercer Center.

For IFSS services, contact the OIC Access Center at 800-963-3377.

Greater Trenton Behavioral Healthcare.

For more information about OIC services, visit their website.

Need general advice on what's available? Contact NAMI Mercer's Helpline.
609 799-8994. We'll help you sort out services and options.

Want specific information about Intensive Family Support Services? Contact Oaks Integrated Care Access Center at 800-963-3377.


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Families Meeting the Challenge of Mental Illness