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Families meeting the challenge of mental illness.

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Series of Articles from the Trenton Times about NAMI Mercer

These provide an uplifting overview of our work:

Family to Family. Brief overview at our 25th Anniversary.
In Our Own Voice. Persons with mental illness explain.
NAMIWalk. A successful walkathon program.
Helpline. Trained volunteers provide assistance.
The Soloist And Schizophrenia. A wonderful film.
Children's Programs. Empowering families with kids with mental illness.
Reaching Out to African Americans. NAMI Mercer's efforts.
Wellness and Recovery. NAMI focuses on the single most important aspect of the mental health care system in conjunction with National Mental Illness Awareness Week.
Volunteerism. What it means to be a volunteer at NAMI Mercer.
ConsumerSupportGroups. People applying their own experiences to help others.
Night Out With NAMI. Background and information on this major annual event.

Sharing Hope:

NAMI Toolkit for Reaching out to African American Congregations.



Night out NAMI.

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Families Meeting the Challenge of Mental Illness